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It’s time for a math lesson - or maybe it’s a plea for us to all pay attention to the math so we can run more productive and profitable businesses. Show notes with key points and links for this episode available at

Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • We’re almost at the mid point of the year, which is when we start to look at where we are in terms of our ‘big goal’
  • We may find ourselves doing something drastic to try and get to our goal, and this can be dangerous
  • Before you do anything, please stop and ‘do the math’
  • Conversion is the secret sauce in your business on what will take you from good to great
  • Sometimes you need to look inside your business instead of outside for programs or coaches to help you reach your goal
  • Don’t be afraid of the numbers and the math, they might end up being the best thing to happen to your business
  • Google has a lot of tools we can use to dig into where we’re missing steps in our business and on our site
  • Don’t lose site of the big picture and what really matters, don’t get carried away by the numbers and lose the soul of your business. You can have both!

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