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Do you feel like marketing sucks up all your time but your business is kind of flatlining? May be a case of too much push and not enough pull in your marketing. Maybe it’s time for you to push outside the safe zone so you can share your story and message with a wider audience. Show notes with key points and links for this episode available at

Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • Marketing can be such busy work where we spend all our time working on our business and not in our business
  • To get the highest possible value out of your marketing, you can’t just push your content into the world and expect something to happen
  • How do you actually grow a platform? You have to start pulling!
  • I share some examples of how to pull people to your site by stepping off your own platform
  • If stepping outside your comfort zone seems scary, start small and work on one thing at a time

Links for this Episode:

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