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A new series kicks off today called Unconventional Tactics which shares lessons on a wide variety of marketing ideas that aren’t entirely mainstream from Kindle Publishing to Pay What You Wish Sales. Today we have guest expert Natalie Eckdahl from the BixChix Podcast sharing her lessons from 100 interviews.

Items Discussed in this Episode:

  • Natalie’s road to her 100th episode
  • How Natalie’s podcast has helped her networking go global
  • Unconventional lessons Natalie has learned from her podcast guests
  • Natalie’s all time favorite interviews
  • The benefits of podcasting versus blogging
  • The bond that develops between you as a podcaster and your audience
  • How the podcasting community is not competitive as you may think, and is so supportive
  • Getting a team in place is critical if you want to start a podcast and already have another business
  • Natalie explains how being able to change and delegate is important to podcasting as you grow

Show notes for this episode with links to items discussed are available at

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