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Rebecca Tracey from The Uncaged Life joins us in this episode to talk about cutting through messaging chaos, the must-haves for a great message and how "messaging" holds so many people back. Show notes on more on Becca available at

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Amber McCue is the guest expert for this episode where we talk about systems, outsourcing, must-have marketing systems and our mutual love of office supplies. This this episode you'll learn how to get started with systems, why you need them even if the idea makes you sweat and how systems don't need to be so hard. Show notes at 

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Guest expert Chantelle Adams joins Marketing Moxie today to talk about how to overcome your fear of speaking and how to add it into your marketing mix. This episode is jam packed with tips and tricks on how to get started with speaking, how to boost your business with speaking and how to get paid. Get the show notes and take aways at

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MM13: Jules Taggart Talks About Creating Copy

Brilliant Basic Training continues this week with guest expert Jules Taggart talking about creating crappy first drafts, action verbs, storytelling and more. This episode is jammed full of practical ideas to apply to all of your copy creation. Show notes and links at:

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Ali Rittenhouse talks about email marketing fundamentals in this episode. We break down some basics of email marketing including opt-ins, getting started, the role of social media and and more.  Show notes:


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