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Learn how to write a great guest blog post with guest expert, Lacy Boggs. Find out what things you must nail in a guest blog post, how to write effectively for the web and deal breakers for bloggers/editors. Go away with a clear idea of how to write killer posts that get published every time. Show notes and worksheet available at



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When it comes to guest posting the actual email pitch is the make or break moment. Episode #6 breaks down how to create a powerful and effective guest post pitch including what to avoid when preparing a pitch, how to write a great pitch, what supporting elements you need to sell your pitch, the fine art of pitch follow-up and more.  Notes for this episode at: 

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Delve into the world of guest posting research find out why you can't skip it! We will look at how to use your ideal customer to shape research, how to find opportunities and different techniques/tools to ensure bloggers and editors say YES to your pitch.  Show notes at:

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This episode kicks off a multi-part series on guest posting and we start off with why you should guest post, what you can expect from guest posting, and finding your guest posting WHY.  Plus, we'll talk about the one thing that tends to hold people back from guest posting and how to get over it. Show notes at: 


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Your web site copy can quickly make or break your web site, especially your about page.  This episode dives into the about page and helps break down specific things you must include to have a high impact page. Copywriter Erica Lee Strauss shares her perspective on about pages and common deal breakers. Show notes at:

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Are you leaving money on the table with your web site? In this episode we talk about small fixes you can make to your site to help you be more credible. Money Making Expert Ellen Ercolini joins the show to give some helpful tips. 

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In the inaugural episode of Marketing Moxie we'll dive into what marketing with moxie really means and explore how critical your web site really is.  Learn how to lock down your brand voice and common traps when it comes to building a brand voice that's powerful and clear. 

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